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Concealed Handgun Training Class

The classroom portion of this course will be held at Paradise Lodge.
The class requires 8 hours of instruction time. 
Classes offered on Saturdays. See Home page for next available class,
Instructor: Randy Adams
Cost: Small and Large Group Rates Includes:
•One Free Visit to a Quality NRA approved range.
•Options on Range Qualification Time
•Access after qualification to safe, NRA approved range with visitor fee.
NO .22 pistols or cowboy guns are permitted.
This is NOT a beginner’s class.

What is covered in this class:
• NC Laws governing the use of Deadly Force
• Escalation of Force
• Situational Awareness
• Proper Shooting Techniques
• Laser Lyte Training to acquire a correct sight picture
• Firearm maintenance
• “Shoot/Don’t Shoot” scenarios will be covered and thoroughly discussed using video demonstrations
• Gun Safety

Items you MUST have for this class:
• Hearing and eye protection
• Proper fitting holster
• Extra magazines, speed loaders, etc.
• Note taking materials (paper, pen/pencil)
• Your firearm and 50 rounds of ammo

Just taking the class does not guarantee that you will receive a permit. You will also have to qualify at the range and apply with the Sheriff’s office for your permit. There is an application fee.