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Deer Hunt Bird Hunt Target Range



Whitetail Deer Hunt

Paradise Hunting Preserve features quality box and aluminum stands for your deer hunt. We boast a high deer density and offer baited areas. We follow a successful Deer Management Program.
Lodging is included. Paradise Hunting Preserve adheres to all state and federal regulations. A valid North Carolina Hunting License is required. Hunters must wear Blazed Orange, except for Duck and Dove hunters. Absolutely NO ALCOHOL consumption allowed before or during hunts. All game must be tagged and registered before leaving the preserve. Patrons not following proper safety precautions will be asked to leave.

Muzzle/Gun Season Rates

Any range member will receive a $25 discount on the daily deer hunting price.
Per Hunter 1 Day (without lodging) 1 Day (with lodging)
Includes semi-guided hunt

altBird Hunt

We will guide your hunts with our first class bird dogs or you may use your own. Wild bird hunters, why not train your dogs before the regular season begins? Quality gamebirds (Jumbo Bobwhite Quail) are offered at a reasonable price, with no bag limit.

Dove Hunt: Opening day and
following Monday hunt over fresh cut
sunflowers, miloe and corn. Call early
for reservations and for special price
for father/child combination.



Upland Birds:  November 15- March 15

(Guided Hunt)

Guide Fee--$45/hunter

A. Quail --$8/bird--12 bird minimum

B. Pheasant--$21/bird--6 bird minimum

C. Combo Hunt (Most popular hunt)

      20 quail plus 6 pheasant--$360

(Non-Guided Hunts)

A. Quail--$8/bird--6 bird minimum

B.Pheasant--$21/bird--2 bird minimum

Bird Cleaning (per bird)

 Quail: $1
 Pheasant: $2

altRifle / Pistol Range

Our Rifle / Pistol ranges are open to shooting enthusiasts and includes seventeen station bench rests, quality shelter, approved berms for safety, bathroom, and parking. We are open seven (7) days a week to the public. Competitive tournament shooting, handgun, and concealed weapon training are also offered.

We offer an outdoor bow & arrow range with 3D targets.

Per Visit / Individual (includes 1 Target, eye/ear protection) $25
Yearly Memberships
 Individual $275
 Family $350
 Targets $1